Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's a bird...It's a plane...No it's a zip line

My family has a creek that runs behind their house in their property, well my dad had a awesome idea to install a zip line that runs from the top of the trees over the creek. He has a property that is 5 acres, his neighbor has 5, and the next guy has 5. Well the guy that is next to our neighbors, so like 10 acres down wanted to get in the "zip line" with my dad, he is a contractor so he said he would build all of platforms and landing areas to help my dad out, so they extended this zip line about 15 acres long. You start at point A and go to point B, you hook on another wire and go from point B to point C, then you hook on another wire and go from point C to point B, then from point B to point D, then from point D to point A. It is about 40+ feet high in the air, and you are strapped in by the waiste in a harness, the platforms are super super high and you are right over the water. It is very safe and you will not fall, but just the feeling of being so high is awful.

Here are a few pictures of some of us going down it. you can see how high you are and how tall the platforms are in the trees.
If anyone wants to come to Snowflake to do this fun thing, hit me up. IT IS AWESOME!!! little kids as young as 5 to full grown men were doing this, so it is safe for anyone.

this is the little valley area my family lives in, it is beautiful in the summer!

this shows how high the platforms are, look how small Scott looks

one of the platforms, the top is where you take off and the bottom is the landing area

Another platform

Scott almost landing

Taking off

Thats Me! Coming in for landing


A little diagram of where the take off areas are
This is a little section for all my fellow Queen Creekians!!!!! I almost cried today driving down Ironwood,!!!! it is 4 lanes, it is 4 lanes, it is 4 LANES.... I have not been so happy driving to Queek Creek in the past 2 years, this means only 35-40 min. drives to and from work instead of 1 hr- 1 1/2 hrs.


Logan & Lindy said...

OK I WANT TO DO THIS KIARA!!! It looks SOOOO fun! Let me know when you go to Snowflake because I have got to try this thing. It it looks so dang awesome!

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

Hahahaha. You weren't Joking! THe zipline is huge!!!! Looks like fun. We will have to try it out. P.s. I am glad no one broke in your house. That was scary.

Williams 3 said...

HOW FREAKIN FUN~ Thats so awesome, i would LOVE to do that sometime! Darnit though, Clay and my mom JUST moved back to mesa, now there is no reason to go to snowflake!! well, i guess there is.. to zip line 15 acres?!?! crazy. he should charge money for that!

Williams 3 said...

p.s. i was looking thru old pictures of my scott on the soccer team in highschool and saw your scott! :) such cuties in highschool! how much they have grown!

angela hardison said...

That looks SO fun! I'd probably be scared, but I want to do it. I remember there used to be a small one by Domini's house and I always thought I was going to die on it. No wonder my husband tells me I'm dramatic :)

Monica said...

How long did that take to build? What a great idea. I miss having the space around us-reminds me of Oregon where I grew up. Gotta love the country!

Brette said...

WHAT!?! Your kidding me! I missed the episode last night and I haven't been able to watch it yet. I'm assuming Nathan and Hailey might get a divorce? Because of the hooker nanny? I will be ticked if they get divorced! By the way, this zip line looks like alot of fun. I would probably pee my pants going down that huge line though!