Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers day mom! I love my mom so much, she is such a great example to me, she is my hero, along with her mom. She is the strongest, prettiest, smartest, best mother I could ask for. I am so thankful I was sent to her, and I am so thankful to the lord for having her here with me. She is going to be the best grandma any one could ask for, just like her mom was to us. I love you mom and thank you for all you have done for Scott and I.

Happy Mothers day to Scotts mom also, I am so greatful she is my mother in law, and I am so greatful we get along, I have heard some awful stories of mother in laws not getting along with the daughter in laws, and I am sure glad I love her. Thank you for being so great, and thank you for every Sunday Dinner, and everything you do for Scott and I.

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DeWitts said...

That picture of you and your mom is so cute! Your mom is a great lady! So how far along are you?