Saturday, July 26, 2008


...................EVEN BLOG HOPPERS.................

Since I am having my first baby, I need to know " MOM MUST HAVES".

what saved your life?
what made things easier?
What are good brands?
Where to find good deals?
basically just anything I "need" to have for my new baby or for me..

I am down to less than 4 months, and it is coming faster than I know it.

I would love all the comments and advice pointers I could get, I have been reading books, but it is not the same. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Logan & Lindy said...

1. A "boppy" SAVED my life! It is so awesome!!! And a breast pump!!!

2. A hooter hider! Made nursing so much easier.

3. Brands..For clothes. Target & Old Navy & EBAY. They grown out of them way to fast to spend a ton on clothes but I love ebay. I got some really really cute new with tags gap clothes,gymboree..etc...

4.Sign up for Babys R US mailing list. I got $25.00 off my stroller/carseat Combo. Then the next week $25.00 off my pack & play. Then I got another one for the swing!

Hope this help ya out!

Monica said...

I have to agree with the hooter hider-the best!

I really liked a wipe warmer for my winter baby. See if you can borrow one because I only used it for the first few months.

My babies loved the swing-which means I loved it too.

You should take a birthing class too (with Scott), not matter what way you decide to have your baby. The more information you have about the birthing process, the better.

Just remember that you or your baby may not like what everyone else likes. Brooklyn was really picky with her binky-she only took avent brand and I tried giving her other brands too. And I never liked my really all depends! :) But your friend above has some great pointers (ebay).
I can't wait for you! Are you posting any pictures of you yet? I still feel like I haven't even seen you prego yet!

sheridan said...

1st- If you are breastfeeding, lots and lots of nursing pads. I like the lansinoh brand the best. A big tube of lansinoh cream is a must. (For the nipples baby, a definite must have. Trust me, it has saved my life plenty of times.)Since I work a couple days a week I use a Medela breast pump. It was expensive but works so much better than the other one I got.

2nd- a bouncer that has vibration.

3rd- a "bumbo" chair. The best thing ever invented, seriously. You won't need it until your little sweetie is a few months old, but man does it come in handy.

4th- my very favorite place for clothes is "The Children's Place." They have great sales and the clothes are pretty inexpensive anyway.

5th- "Kiddie Kandids." The best photography for kids. Between Ezra and Chandler we have gone to several different places to get pictures taken. Kiddie Kandids is by far the best that we have been to, and they are not too pricey.

Okay, I never liked the hooter hider and only used the wipe warmer once, forgot to rewet the little pad underneath and burned up a brand new thing of wipes. We like either pampers swaddlers or huggies supreme diapers. For now we are using the swaddlers because Chandler has learned how to take off the others. Oh yeah, if you ever move up here I have a lady I buy diapers from for about half the price of normal, I will give you directions. One last thing- I love the Kirkland signature wipes from Costco. They come in a big case and you can open and close each thing of wipes so they don't dry out. Lots of info, but glad to help! Love you! Call me!. . .

Ashleigh & Zebb said...

I'm gonna have to keep checkin back on this post so I know for myself! but I have heard not to use off brand diapers, gotta use the good ones...

Aaron & Brittney (Dayton) Bond said...

Hey! So I agree with some of those things listed like the Boppy and the Bumbo.. I really like both of those but one thing that I have used EVERYDAY since she was born is a "sound machine". It's not in the baby section and not something you would normally think of as a baby item but it has saved my life so many times! You can find them at Wal-mart but they are in a weird place... I think in the home section. Anyways- it is just a little machine that makes sound...waterfall, white noise... etc. It is so nice when you have company over not to have to tell everyone to be quiet becuase the baby is sleeping. If you have that thing on she can't hear anything! We can be so loud! I use it every night but it is super handy when we are out of town... I always take it with me and she can sleep in a room of 10 people without hearing everyone. You can also put batteries in it and take it camping too. It is just so nice to not have to worry about every little sound waking her up. (some people say if you use something like that that they will have to use it to get to sleep but that isn't true..she sleeps just fine either way..but this is a MUST HAVE for me!:) GOOD LUCK! Your baby will survive no matter what you have!

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

Thanks Everyone... this all helps... keep it coming....

kate lines; said...

ok kiria,

not a mom, BUT i was reading everyone's comments. kiddie kandids better not be on your list missy.


jackie said...

i probably need help myself.... :) ps i am so jealous still you are moving!!

jessica said...

Here is the best thing your money could buy, a medela breaspump!! they are on the expensive side but if you plan on breastfeeding yet still want to go on dates with your husband it is a great investment. I had a cheap target one with my first baby and hated using it so with my second i saved my pennies and got one and can i just say I LOVE IT!! So start saving your pennies because they are wonderful!!

Bekah said...

medela electric breast pump. start off right away using both bottle and breast, because it will give you more freedom. you can still always give her breast milk but you don't always have to nurse. it makes movie and date nights more consistent with your husband. which leads me to my next thing; make sure you and Scott still do plenty of dates. a baby is such a beautiful, amazing addition but remember to keep the romance going ;) i love having a baby swing, boppy, lots of soft pajamas and cuddly blankets. i had an adorable car seat cover custom made from etsy (not a necessity but I LOVE it!)

favortie clothing brands;
icky baby (ebay or nordstrom rack)
naartjie (awesome outlet store in Anthem)

lots of cute bows, flowers, and bracelets!

petunia picklebottom diaperbag (ebay, hello only $50.00!)

little girls are so wonderful! i am so exited for you!

DeWitts said...

Kiara i can already tell you're going to be a great mom. You're already so concern and want all the info you can get. There's tons of stuff out there that will help motherhood but my advice is just to enjoy every second you have with your sweet baby girl. I'm so happy for you and scott. I saw your mom at ed's and she was so excited to be a grandma! Can't wait to see her!

Rooney Family said...

The bumbo is deffinatly a must! The babies love it. You can even use it as a little high chair for a while. Just be careful when they get older and stronger they can wiggle their way out of it so you wont want it on high surfaces unless you are right there to watch them. Make sure you have Little Tummies or Mylacon on hand when she's born. They get tummie aches usually especially at first when their tummies are trying to adjust. Ryann was very fussy the first 5 or 6 months and this was a lifesaver. The Little Tummies worked better for her but its different for everyone. They also have gripe water that REALLY helps tummy aches. You will just have to test and see what product works best. I really agree about getting the lansinoh cream when you nurse. Put it on a breast pad after you nurse everytime for a while. I did that with Ryann and never got chapped or bled. This next advise might sound weird but I really believe it prepared me for nursing. Everytime you are in the shower scrub your nipples with a washcloth. Yes, a little graphic! It will toughen them up for when you nurse. Believe me, you will need them tough. Also get a madela breast pump. Do NOT get the cheap ones. I went through 4 cheap breast pumps the first 4 months of Ryanns life before I bought the madela. It is worth the money thats for sure! Try finding one on e-bay. And finally Little Einstein videos. A MUST!! I know we talked about this but they are the best!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

1. Bobby and swing saved my life
2. Letting other people help and listening to advice but not being afraid to do our way made things easier.
3. I like pampers for new borns cause they don't leak out of them! But wipes Kirtland and Huggies. I hate pamper wipes, they dry out fast!
4. Deals- there is a "gently used" baby store on Baseline just east of Val Vista called... Once upon a Child! They have eveything from boobies, to clothes, to strollers, to toys, to cribs, etc. Everything is in really good condition and alot of the cloths have the tags still on them. Also Clearance rack at Children's Place I have found shirts and shorts there for under a dollar for Taya! As far as deals for diapers if you get the sunday paper and watch for them to go on sale at CVS or Walgreens it is even a better deal than Cosco!! If you need diaper coupons I get two papers and don't use the coupons so just let me know!!

Amber said...

hey girl, i love love love the childrens place in Arizona mills mall (it is an outlet) there and sooo much cheaper then in other malls. like $1 for shirts and pants and skirts-even though it is a hit and miss. i love walmart brand diapers i think they work just as good as the others. you can never have to many blankets. a swing is a must! and the really important advice would be that you are her mother and you know what is best for her.... listen to her and be patient and everything will come natural! good luck!