Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Long Sweet Summer { 31 Weeks }

Summer is officially gone, it is now fall, and fall is totally in the air. Mornings and nights are becoming sweater weather, which will soon be jacket weather, and I am not a Winter person. My winter baby will soon be here in 2 months or 9 weeks..AHHHH, atleast I will have a good excuse to stay inside all the time. This summer was kind of a bummer for Scott and I we really didnt do anything at all, No camping, No lakes, No beach, No traveling, total bummer..but life has been busy with many changes.

I am now in single digits for weeks left till little Swedyn is here...9 weeks!

9 reasons I LOVE being pregnant.

9. Eating-its a lie saying you "have to eat for 2" I honestly dont think that matters, but you get away with eating more anyways...

8. Shopping, Decorating -for the baby room

7. Attention- I am the last person in the world that wants attention drawn to me, but being pregnant brings so many comments and looks which brings me talking about my baby which I love

6. Taking life easy for 9 months

5. Chosing a name. Swedyn Ann Vowell- I love wierd/unusal names, and my brother Rustin is on a Mission in Sweden, so I thought it would be perfect to name my little girl after her uncle in a way.

4. Buying, Making baby girl stuff- Girls have so many accessories

3. I love my belly- I think this will be the only time those words will be said.

2. Hearing my babies Heartbeat, feeling her kick and move

1. Creating a human life for 40 weeks.

{Life is a miracle}


Marla said...


Logan & Lindy said...

Seriously I think you have to be the cutest pregnant girl! I have ever seen You are so tiny!!! I love your reason on why you love being pregnant! So cute! I am jealous you have the sweater weather!!! I cant wait to come visit and wear a sweater!

Williams 3 said...

i agree, being pregnant is the best time in life.
i love the attention as well, cuz i dont normally like it, but pregnancy attention is different.
your belly is so cute, like a basketball! enjoy this last 9 weeks!

ashley arrington said...

you are so dang cute. i can not believe you only have 9weeks left. i remember when you found out. kaylynn is due in less then 3 weeks it is crazy. i hope everything is going great for you in snowflake. i went and visited whitton it was not the same not seeing you there. talk to you later.

jackie said...

you still look so little and cute pregnant girl!!! i really really love being pregnant too, i like the little dude in there moving around.
how do you like living up there?

Bekah said...

you look great! you are all baby. you'll be tiny again as soon as you have her. I love your 9 reasons. I love the choice of her name. It is so pretty and no one else will have it (unless you start a trend) Is Rustin so excited? When does he get home?

cArPenTeRs - SteVeN AnD TiFfAnY said...

Neighbor. Your so cute preg. So skinny still! Congradulations to you guys. hey do you remember butter bites?

the penrods said...

Hey Kiara, I know this is totally random, but that's okay, right? This is Anna, yup, Anna as in I used to babysit you (goodness that makes me sound old!)

I first saw your blog long ago on Maren's (a friend from high school; I think you used to be in her Ward). Anyway, I haven't looked at it forever and thought I'd see what you're up to. Only to find that you are pregnant (and a very darling pregnant woman at that).

As I was scrolling down, I saw your post requesting advice for new mothers. I have a few things that made my life so easy when I had a new baby, but feel free to take it or leave it. I just had to share b/c having a newborn is tiring but there are plenty of ways to ensure you are still able to be sane and enjoy.

First, I read "Babywise" and followed it (within moderation). I swear doing that or something similar will help your baby sleep well (and long) at night and for naps. I know a lot of people don't like it because it says it's okay to let your baby cry. But if your baby isn't getting enough sleep, when she cries, you won't know if she's in pain, hungry or just tired. Clara was "sleeping through the night" (they say that's considered six hours) for about 8 hours before three months. Before six, she was sleeping 12 hours at night. Now she's 21 months old and still sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap.

Second, it's okay to let your baby cry. Sometimes, I had to just lay my screaming baby in her crib and walk out for five minutes. Then I loved her again and had the patience to listen to her wail.

I also saw someone that said to stock up on nursing pads. I nursed (way too long) and never once had to use one. So I would just see how it goes (if you're planning on nursing) because every body is so different. Speaking of nursing, they'll say it doesn't hurt if you're doing it right. That's a bunch of bull! It hurts, but in my opinion, well worth it (both for baby and mom). Also, this sounds crazy, but I know plenty of people that swear by it. If you start feeling a pain (clogged duct, infection, etc.) nurse with your baby's chin opposite of the pain. I know, weird, but it's worked for everyone I know that's tried it.

And of course, enjoy it! I wouldn't trade motherhood for anything. I find it completely and beautifully rewarding. Good luck with these last weeks.

Lindsay said...

You are finally showing! You look so cute!
I love being prego too except the first little while. I'm still sad that you are gone. I wish that I could see you while you are getting ready to have Sweden. The count down is on!!!

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

Oh my little Kir. You are the cutest little pregnant girl ever! I can not believe you are getting so close! I hope everything is working out for you guys in Taylor. We miss you and hope to see you soon! luv ya!

Jess + Steve = Dylan said...

Kiara!! I found your blog and my heart is smiling.

:) I can't wait til you have that precious little girl!!


Jess + Steve = Dylan said...

Yah it's totally great that blogs exist now to keep in touch with everybody!!

I can't wait for your little angel to get here. You will love and hate your new life as a mommy for the first couple of days and then it will all be about lovin'!!

Tell Scott I say hello and we'll definitely have to keep in constant touch with each other. I mean we lived together dangit!!

I remember getting the text from Linds about her mission. I can't believe she's going to be home already!! I hope I get to see her. Let her know I still exist will ya...


kate lines; said...

your my favorite, i love that you love your belly! i can't wait to see her, (and take lots and lots of pictures!)

lots of love.

Elliot & Cami said...

Time for a new post! (I'm a hypocrite I know, but I promise to do better now). You look so cute. I wanna see an updated picture though. I hope you are still feeling good and everything!