Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Swedyn 6 weeks.

This is what diaper changes consist of....SMILES.... For some reason she loves her diaper changed and smiles and trys to talk the whole time. She is getting so big already and smiles and responds more and more every day. Those little cheeks are getting chubbier and chubbier. Her hair changes from red, to brown depending on the lighting, in these pictures her hair looks really red.

My freind Felicia Farr Jensen came home for Christmas and it was fun to get our little ones together, Felicia and I have grown up together with our parents being good freinds and we have many pictures of us growing up together, now we can have pictures of our kids growing up together. We miss you little Judd, dont grow up to fast.
Scott loves his little girl, he is such a good dad. I love to watch him interact with her.
I love those lips


Ashleigh and Zebb said...

she is getting so big! wow how the time flies!!

Rooney Family said...

Why is she getting so big?! I hate that. But she is SO cute. Ryann loves looking at her on here. Hope you guys had a Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year!!

Rooney Family said...

I am `so excited you guys are coming! We need to do dinner for sure! I will let Candace and Nick know.

jackie said...

she is getting big! and she is so cute :)

Jill and Devon said...

this little girl is too cute for words! (I knew she would be)
I can't believe how fast time flies!