Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Congrats Cordae

Welcome to Growing up little sister!!!!!
she is so cute!
* cute invite made by Kate Lines*


Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

That is such a cute announcement! It is crazy that our little bro and sis graduated. I can't believe they are old enough. My cousin, Sam, came down from Utah for graduation and he went with Taylor to the senior party. He thought Cordae was the cutes girl at the party. He was too shy to talk to her but was talking about her the whole next day and trying to find her number. haha. He is cute. He is Tay's age but graduated a year before him and played football at Dixie last year. Anyway, I thought it was funny. It was good to see you kir

Darrel & Jessica LeSueur said...

Man, she is beautiful, and I can't believe that she is graduated! Crazy. How are you feeling?!

DeWitts said...

Your sister is so funny! Saturday we rented a movie at good old rent-a-flik and your sister was there dressed up like a cowgirl! She was the cutiest cowgirl ever!

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

haha. Sounds like a plan. Lets hook them up!! :) It might be difficult since he lives in Utah and will be going on his mission sometime this year and since Cordae is such a wanted women from what I hear! But, we will see what we can do!! :)

Teresa :) said...

I never knew the 2 of you were sisters! I feel so retarded. She is so cute. I love watching her play v-ball, she is amazing. What cute invites. I love your long hair but it always suprises me I guess I always think of you with a short do. haha See ya