Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Triathlete or Biathlete

SGTRI Saturday May 10th 2008 St. George Utah

A couple weekends ago Scott and I went to Utah for a couple days and Scott was able to do his 1st sprint triathlon.

The Sprint Triathlon distance is 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.

Scott, Monica ( one of his B.F's wifes ) and Monicas freind Jenn were all doing the Tri together, it was fun to spend the weekend with them, and have a nice condo to stay in.

The gang, Jenn & Husband, Monica & Shan, Scott and homeless Kiara

Friday night the racers had to go check in and get their bodies marked up with their numbers, Scott was getting so nervous after checking in, it made it so much more real to him, and there was alot of hard core people getting ready for the morning race. After the check in we headed to the lake where they would be swimming just to get a idea of what it was going to look like.

Scott getting his number written on his body # 910

Saurday we woke up at 5 am so the racers could be to the race area at 6 to set up there transistion station ( where they switch from swim, bike, and run ). IT WAS FREEZING outside, the wind was awful, not a good sign. Monica and Scott getting ready

Scott 5 AM

Scott's Transistion Station

Let the race begin.......Order of events. SWIM, BIKE, RUN...
Scott slipped into his full body wet suit and was ready for the event, he got in the water to get his body use to the tempature, and waited..... they sent off 2 groups that were doing longer distances before his group. Men age 34 and under get ready....... all the yellow cap men were in the water at the starting line waiting, they were suppose to take off at 7:30, well time keeps passing by, and a boat brings back a load of people from the 1st groups. The wind was marked at 45 MPH and they had to call the swim, it was too dangerous. What a bummer, everyone was booing, but it is better then drowning...

Jenn, Monica, & Scott

Scotts age group getting ready

Scott is looking at the camera

They started the race at the point where you would get out of the water, so the racers had to run to their bikes, rip there wet suits off and jump on the bike and begin the BIATHLON now.

Scott did so well, there was alot of crashes on the bikes because you are clipped into your bike, but he was able to stay away from that mess.

Scott finished with a time of 1:16 with wind... GOOD JOB!!!! and good job to Monica & Jenn


Logan & Lindy said...

That is so awesome Scott could do that. That is crazy!!! Good Job Scott!!!

Jaime S. said...

good job scott. you are the man!

Becky said...

Wow what a awesome hubby! i wish that i was cool enough to do that! and you are far from homeless, you are so B E A U T I F U L L!!

I was remebering some of the good time me you and angela had! sorry i was so mean.

Kate Lines Photography said...

wow that is so awesome scott. you ARE the man.

kiara. nov 23rd it is. :)

Logan & Lindy said...